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Ukrainian Crypt Hryvnia (UCH) is the world's first set of interconnected economic technologies aimed at the passive increase in the welfare of the citizens of the country by monetization of constitutional rights and / or active trading in UCH tokens on specialized stock exchanges. The Ukrainian crypt hryvnia envisages the launch of three platforms for Smart Agreements: Coal Trade, Soil Rent and Intel Box, whose work is to restore the legality of the process of implementing solid fuel, land, and intellectual product deals. The Ukrainian crypt hryvnia issue is limited to the final number of tokens, an increase the numbers of which are impossible for technical reasons. This conscious and unconditional restriction of the additional issue of UCH is the most reliable guarantee of the constant growth of the value of the currency. The change in the value of UCH is characterized by a sharp start of the rise in price of digital assets and the subsequent smooth stabilization of the growth rate of the currency while maintaining a positive growth trend.








National cryptovolume UKRAINIAN CRYPTO HYIVA UCH is an independent financial unit and a stable tangible asset. The world's first digital enhanced-function coin consists of three elements of cost-security - the Coal Coin, Soil Coin and Intel Coin sectoral tokens. The fixation of the real value of UCH is carried out by monetizing the legal rights of the owners of the currency - citizens of Ukraine who have passed the authorization procedure using the identification form.

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National cryptography

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Documentary justification

The Ukrainian crypt hryvnia is the first cryptographic currency in the country, the creation and use of which are within the legal framework of Ukraine. The concept of the Ukrainian crypt hryvnia is based on the basic rights of a person and a citizen, enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine, as amended, in accordance with the Laws No. 2222-IV of December 8, 2004 (VVR, 2005, No. 2, p.44), No. 2952-VI of 01.02.2011 (VVR, 2011, No. 10, p.68), No. 586-VII of 19.09.2013 (VVR, 2014, No. 11, p.142), No. 742-VII of 02/21/2014 ( ВВР, 2014, № 11, ст.143), № 1401-VIII from 02.06.2016 (ВВР, 2016, № 28, ст.532). The development and presentation of the national cryptography was carried out by the Ukrainian Crypto Hryvnia Company, whose activities are carried out in accordance with the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Commercial Code of Ukraine, the Laws of Ukraine "On Business Associations", "On Innovation Activity", "On the Special Treatment of Innovative Activities of Technological parks "," On Priority Areas of Innovation Activity in Ukraine "and other normative legal acts regulating partnership relations in the field of new x and high technology. All development and implementation of the first multifunctional kriptoedinitsa is carried out in accordance with the legal and regulatory framework of the country of the developer, which is contrary to the norms of international law, has the character of social and economic optimization and is the property of the people of Ukraine.

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Road map

Stages of money development

Until VIII nd.

Since VII century. B.C.

IV century B.C.

1843 to 1935

Until the 1st World War

Introduced in the First World War

20th years of XX century

Since VI century

XVII century

from the eighteenth century

from the XIX century

since 1951

2008 year

Starting from 2015 to the present day

Reflecting on the evolution of money, one should understand that their functional role has not changed for the entire period of their existence. Money has been and is:


  • the general equivalent of exchange;
  • tool for measuring cost;
  • a means of circulation and accumulation of capital.


The static nature of the functional of money, however, does not presuppose the static form of their expression - and this fact itself is the engine of their evolution. The overall intellectual level of society, one way or another, has an impact on improving the usability and security of the use of money. Now, it's ridiculous to think about the kind of metal for minting coins, although, at one time, this issue caused confrontation at the level of states. What gives people cryptography?

Cryptovolume permanently deprives the owner of the risk of losing money - theft, robbery, denomination, inflation - these problems do not exist in today's progressive capitalists. The final point in determining the ideal form of money is determined by their attachment to a particular national group, when the growth of the state's status goes to the systematic growth of private money of its citizens. Ownership without risk. UCH is an ideal form of money generated by innovation, but with respect to the past.





CoalCoin - Cryptoactive is a decentralized market for solid fuels

IntellCoin - Cryptoactive is a decentralized intellectual property market

SoilCoin - Cryptoactive is a decentralized land market

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Frequently Asked Questions

Igor Mikhailovich

CryptoGrivna is electronic money?


Answer: Ukrainian crypt hryvnia UCH is not electronic money, because it belongs to cryptovolume - fundamentally another instrument of financial transactions. Electronic money has the value fixed in the national currency and is defined as part of the state financial hierarchy, while the cryptranslation has a national (and not state) attachment and does not have a centralized issuing authority, which ensures the possibility of limited release. Crypto currency has a wider functional than electronic money, moreover the cost of crypto-currency has a tendency to rise in price, in the case of electronic currencies - their value is subject to inflation and exchange rate changes with negative dynamics.


Oksana Andreevna

How much does the Ukrainian crypt hryvnia cost on the stock exchange?


Answer:  The Ukrainian Crypt Hryvnia UCH is not traded on the Crypt-Currency Exchange until it is completed by legal entities. After the end of the UCH distribution process among Ukrainian citizens and the final closing of the crypt-emitting issue, UCH trades will be conducted in accordance with market trends. The owners of the Ukrainian crypt hryvnia UCH do not bear any obligations on purchase and sale, payment of any contributions, the carrying out of any legally significant actions.



How to get kriptogrivnu?


Answer: Ukrainian Crypt Hryvnia UCH is passed to the legal possession of Ukrainian citizens on a royalty-free basis. To receive 1000 UCH, a citizen needs to be identified on UCH.CASH by filling out the appropriate identification fields and checking the box next to the permission to use personal data. Processing personal data of the person who passed the identification on the site is carried out for the specific and legitimate purposes determined by the receipt of 1000 UCH and the entered personal data can not be used for another purpose. A person of personal data - a citizen of Ukraine, giving permission to use his personal data, agrees to their processing in accordance with the purpose of their provision and exclusively in their own interest.



What is the interest of the founders of the project?


Answer: Liberation of the Ukrainian people from the state of the credit and debt policy.


With participation

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

NGO "Unity of Donbass"

Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine

VRU Committee on Financial Policy and Banking


Union of Veterans



NGO "Ukrainians Together"


Help your pensioners get the money they need!



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Ukrainian Crypt Hryvnia UCH is an innovative IT product developed on the basis of blockade technology and integrated into three areas of public administration. The first national cryptographic currency is an instrument for the implementation of all domestic sales, exports, me in the coal industry, land relations and intellectual property. The UCH involves the work of three platforms: Coal Trade - a platform for solid fuel trade; Soil Rent - a platform for accounting and implementation of land transactions; Intel Box is a smart product storage and sales platform. UCH ensures the possibility of monetization of constitutional guarantees of a person and a citizen. The realization of the citizen's right to use the Ukrainian Kriptogrivny is voluntary, receiving part of the Ukranian capital UCH is carried out on a free basis by every able-bodied citizen of Ukraine, by means of identification on the site and without any obligations for the owner.





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